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English 4 Accounting Teacher Plus Classroom of Students



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    Not everyone wants to shop online, we get that.

    You require modern and cost-effective solutions for your students. Well, we hear you! Our software was designed as a "platform for language learning" and can be used "self-study", "blended learning", or even a "complete outsource" of your school's online presence. Best of all, it's really affordable. You pay only for the features you need.

    Please check it out, pass it around your school.

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Basically, you need to decide

  1. What topics you want to get
  2. How many users (students, teachers, admins) need access
  3. How long your students need access (minimum 1 year)
  4. What level of customization and branding you need.
  5. Do you need training or extra support?

If you need help finding the right product please Contact us.

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Have your purchasing department contact us for a pro-forma invoice. We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal payments. Once your accountant department pays the invoice, you and your students are all set to party! Woohoo! Its's party time!