Unit 2 Reading Activity

Listen to the recording as you read the text. Then complete the activities.

Making a career in accounting

In these uncertain economic times it can be hard to know which career path is right for you, everywhere you look you can see job cuts and unemployment but the accounting sector is still performing well.

A recent report on the starting salaries of 2012 university graduates stated that accounting graduates salaries are still rising with an average salary of $42,500. When you add that to the fact that in America accounting firms have almost recovered from the effects of the global crisis, you can see why accountancy is becoming an attractive prospect.

And that is not all, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the prediction is that in the next 8 years the number of accounting jobs will rise from 1.2 million to 1.4 million in the US.

With such positive reports a lot of young people are looking to become one of the next generation of accountants. A university education is the most common route into accounting but it is not the only way, many firms offer apprenticeships where you learn while you work. This means starting at the bottom so for the first year you are more likely to be making the tea than preparing the balance sheet, or trial balance.

Those people who have graduated with a degree in accounting can expect to jump in at the deep end and start dealing with the debits and credits that make up the foundation of accounting. Although, further training will usually be given before you are expected to work on the more complex accounting issues such as deferral.

Before applying for a job you should consider the area that you would like to work in. Accounting is not limited to the private sector, with many accounting graduates being employed by governmental and non-profit organisations.


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