About English4Accounting

What is English4Accounting?

English4Accounting was designed to help teachers organize and improve their English for Accounting classes. It is also a great resource for professional accountants who want to improve their English.

Part of a growing family of ESP Courses

This site is a part of the English4Work.com project, a Software as a Service platform for English teachers, trainers, educators, NGOs, businesses, schools and universities worldwide.

Founded in 2005 by a small team of expats in Stockholm, Sweden, our focus is creating ready-made lessons and activities, based on a unified module framework, provide content for multiple industries. We aim to enable our users to teach English online, to their pupils, students, employees or teams – instantly! Multimedia content, marking, grades and certificates – all provided 4 you!

Our many satisfied clients agree we have created a truly global e-learning platform with a clear focus on several workplace English and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) industries. Today we are proud that more than 30,000 teachers and 180,000 students from around the world have registered with us.

Want to learn more? Just visit our corporate homepage at www.english4work.com, or contact a sales rep for a guided tour and a price quote.

Business Information:
English 4 Work
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116 30 Stockholm

VAT: SE559029638901
Email: info@english4work.com
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